As a Mercedes-Benz driver, you have access to premium services and features through a platform known as mbrace®. Available in four distinct packages, it will allow you to enhance your ownership experience further! So take a look at the details of each, and when you are ready to sign up for your favorite option, head over to Knauz Continental Autos in Lake Bluff, Illinois, to speak with an expert!

mbrace® Connect Package

mbrace® Connect is the standard-most package provided and is included as a complimentary addition to all new model purchases for the first five years. You can sync it to your Mercedes me app on your phone to activate remote features, vehicle locating and tracking, accessibility to in-vehicle apps, diagnostics for automotive service, and more.

mbrace® Secure Package

mbrace® Secure is a package that emphasizes safety and security, and it is offered for $199/year after the 6-month trial subscription ends. It works closely with the technologies integrated into your model to keep you protected at all times, such that it can send out a call automatically to a nearby Emergency Response Center should it detect a collision.

mbrace® Concierge Package

mbrace® Concierge elevates the exclusivity of luxury car ownership because it acts much like a personal assistant. You can request information or help from a qualified agent at any time, whether it is to get updates on local traffic and weather or get directions to the nearest restaurants, attractions, and more. This package starts with a 3-month trial and costs $20/month thereafter.

mbrace® Entertain Package

Finally, mbrace® Entertain amplifies the enjoyment you can have with your new Mercedes-Benz model. It features a built-in 3G WiFi hotspot so up to four devices can enjoy connectivity to the net as well as TuneIn Radio and iHeart Radio which will allow you to browse a diverse selection of entertainment. This package also starts with a 3-month trial and costs only $18/month to keep.

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